PFL Event Flagged For Suspicious Betting Activity After Confirmation Fights Were Pretaped

    ByRoss Markey

    Apr 6, 2022

    The recent PFL (Professional Fighters League) Challenger Series event has been hit by controversy, after bettors of the event have seen their wagering accounts under review after an integrity monitor flagged following suspicious betting activity, following confirmation from the Professional Fighters League that the fights on the Challenger Series were pretaped, and have actually taken place a week prior. ESPN were first to report. 

    The event, which was initially broadcast on Friday last week, was promoted on FuBO TV as live at 9 p.m. ET, with the PFL (Professional Fighters League) tweeting to boot, that “fighters are in the building for TONIGHT.” Prior to the broadcast on Friday night, it was noticed that odds available for the PFL Challenger Series event had moved and drifted quite significantly ahead of the event’s broadcast.

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    The PFL announced the Challenger Series back in December 2021

    Over the course of last weekend, U.S. Integrity, a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada which monitors betting markets, issued an alter to sportsbooks across the country – detailing how it had received confirmation that the PFL promoted fights had actually taken place and were pretaped on March 25.

    “As such, it’s very possible that any potentially suspicious wagering activity is indicative of nefarious behavior,” U.S. Integrity wrote in the alert issued to sportsbooks, as obtained by ESPN – recommending that sportsbooks whom received the alert to notify regulators in their respective states. 

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    ESPN further contacted sportsbooks, who confirmed that they were investigating the issue, with some confirming that they had yet to settle bets with wagers amid the controversy surrounding the PFL Challenger Series.

    In an official statement released to ESPN by PFL spokesperson, Loren Mack, it was claimed that the aforenoted Friday broadcast was the first occasion in the promotion’s antiquity that the first airing of an event was actually prerecorded, without elaborating as to why this was the case.

    “Any sportsbooks that took bets on the prerecorded program did so without the consent or knowledge of the PFL,” Loren Mack wrote – as well as confirming that the organization with “further evaluate the matter”.

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    According to the statement from the PFL in the U.S. Integrity alert, the organization have “entered confidentially agreements with everyone involved.” 

    In a massive line movement, heavyweight, Rakim Talley saw his odds increase from -290 favorite to a whopping -2,500 favorite ahead of his fight against Santino Zurita – before going on to emerge triumphanty. Andrija Stankovic, Alexei Pergande, Christian Turner, and Daeri Alderman also saw significant movement on their lines – with all four fighters landing victories to boot.