Julianna Peña Claims She’s Ready For ‘Sellout’ Ronda Rousey If She Ever Makes UFC Comeback

    ByRoss Markey

    Apr 5, 2022
    Julianna Pena

    Reigning UFC bantamweight champion, Julianna Pena has echoed claims that should inaugural division champion, Ronda Rousey ever decide to end her professional wrestling run and make a return to mixed martial arts, she would happily welcome her back – labelling her a “sellout”.

    Julianna Pena, who recently minted herself as the undisputed bantamweight champion back in December in the co-main event of UFC 269, stopped former two-weight titleholder, Amanda Nunes with a shocking second round upset victory via rear-naked choke.

    In the time since, both Pena and Nunes have filmed the latest instalment of The Ultimate Fighter – ahead of a championship rematch between the two, with Pena recently revealing that the promotion had initially spoken of a July championship re-run between both.

    Julianna Peña landed one of the most shocking upset wins in UFC history with her victory over Amanda Nunes

    Attending the professional wrestling event, WrestleMania 38 over the course of last weekend, hosted by the WWE – Pena spoke on a potential future matchup with former UFC and WWE champion, Ronda Rousey – calling the inaugural bantamweight best a “sellout”.

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    “That’s what I’m saying, she’s kind of a joke in the MMA world now, because she’s a – what is the word? – sellout,” Julianna Pena of Ronda Rousey on The MMA Hour. “Like, a little bit of a sellout there. I mean, I guess I understand, right? It’s like, pro wrestling is fake, you get paid millions of dollars, I get it. But for me, for real sh*t, for like the ‘you’re the real, real deal,’ I would say that’s in the UFC. And if she ever wants any of that real smoke, I’m ready.”

    “I thought she (Ronda Rousey) had a great (WrestleMania) match,” Julianna Pena said. “I thought she was very good, yes. And this is just from girl to girl as a fan – I’m a fan and I think that she’s great and I’m happy for her, and I think that it’s awesome what she’s doing in the WWE – but as a fan, she either needs to be more comfortable in her own skin or needs to figure out a different attire, because every move that she does, there becomes a wardrobe fix. You know what I mean?”

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    “Wear something that you’re comfortable with,” Julianna Pena said. “Wear something that you love and that you love and that you’re not going to have to constantly be yanking at your clothes the entire match. You didn’t see Charlotte Flair one time touch anything that she was wearing, it was just all about the match. But Ronda’s constantly pulling. So wear something that you’re comfortable in so that you don’t have to do that, because it just takes away a little bit.” (Transcribed by MMA Fighting)

    Calling time on his professional mixed martial arts career back in 2017, Rousey, who amassed a 12-2 professional record, ended her career with a pair of knockout losses to both former bantamweight titleholders, Holly Holm, and in her Octagon return, the above mentioned, Nunes.

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    A return to the promotion for Rousey would come as a sizeable shock, given her string of defeats before he departure — as well as the distinct rise in competition and evolution of mixed martial arts as a whole since her 2017 exit.