Sean Strickland Mocks Emotional Khalil Rountree Interview: ‘Gayest Sh*t I’ve Ever Seen’

    ByRoss Markey

    Mar 15, 2022
    Sean Strickland

    Outspoken UFC middleweight, Sean Strickland has received mass criticism over recent comments made regarding light heavyweight contender, Khalil Rountree – labelling the Los Angeles native’s outpouring of emotion while speaking on the subject of mental health, as the “gayest sh*t” he is has ever seen.

    Strickland, who currently sits at #4 in the official UFC middleweight rankings, has been the subject of much criticism since his rise to prominence in the division, after claiming he had fantasies and dreams about killing an opponent of his inside the Octagon.

    The Californian then claimed that he had been actively suppressing urges to commit murder and homicide against fellow citizens and bystanders on a daily basis, as well as explaining how he is a former Neo-Nazi and was an open white supremacist.

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    Despite Strickland’s comments, the UFC have yet to issue an official statement regarding the middleweight contender, or enforce their code of conduct regarding flagrant comments made by Strickland.

    Reacting to footage of an emotional Rountree following his UFC Vegas 50 win over Karl Roberson last weekend, in which he urged people with mental health struggles or who were contemplating suicide to not give up, and insisting that they still matter, Strickland unleashed a tirade, calling Rountree a “PC BETA male”.

    “Gayest sh*t I’ve ever seen and I love bi women so I’ve seen a lot of gay…” Sean Strickland tweeted. “Yeah you’re really special, a special little snow flake… This man is the definition of a PC BETA male. You all would hate him…. seriously being in the same room as him makes me cringe.”

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    “You guys have no concept of who this man is…” Sean Strickland tweeted. “He sucks soo much.. If you ever hung out with him for more than 60 seconds you would hate him… God he sucks.”

    “You guys have no idea who this man is..” Sean Strickland tweeted. “I’m telling you if you met him you would absolutely hate him!! Last time I sparred (Khalil) Rountree I bloodied him up while laughing the entire time and that was the last time he sparred me lol.”

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    “Kalil CANCEL CULTURE Roundtree (sic)… Khalil KAREN Roundtree….. Khalil LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER Rountree.. . Khalil THAT IS NOT OK Roundtree… Khalil IM CALLING THE COPS Roundtree. Any of these sticking??” Sean Strickland tweeted.

    “”Sean you should invest money for your future when you’re older, have a life after MMA,”” Sean Strickland tweeted. “Lmao f*ck I just want to make it through life without killing myself or someone elese…. Lmao maybe I should call Roundtree and we can have a good cry and jerk each other off after.”