IMMAF Communications Director Organizes Fundraiser For MMA Federation Of Ukraine Amid Ongoing War

    ByRoss Markey

    Mar 11, 2022

    IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation) Communications Director, Isobel Carnwath has organized a fundraiser on GoFundMe in order to raise funds and supplies for the MMA Federation of Ukraine amid the ongoing war in the nation and invasion by neighboring Russia, led by president, Vladimir Putin.

    The federation, who host the inaugural 2022 MMA SuperCup this week in Bahrain in association with BRAVE CF during the promotion’s International Combat Week – had originally fielded competitors from both Ukraine and Russia in the tournament, until the ongoing conflict in the neighbouring nations prevented either team from competing, with Russia barred from the competition, while Ukraine was forced to withdraw their involvement amid the ongoing and escalating war. 

    This week, IMMAF representative, Isobel Carnwath established a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising a sum of £10,000 for the ‘Emergency Fund for the MMA Federation of Ukraine’. At the time of publication, a sum of £1,440 has been raised, with donations accepted at the above-outlined link. 

    “The home of our Ukrainian friends and colleagues in the IMMAF family is under attack, and they are fighting for their survival,” Isobel Carnwath wrote. “This humanitarian fundraiser is organised to raise emergency money for our MMA brothers and sisters in Ukraine to enable their survival and safety. All money raised will be transferred directly to the National MMA Federation of Ukraine.”