Sean O’Malley Defends Dana White, UFC Fighter Pay Issue: ‘Some Of These F*cking Guys Have Zero Following’

    ByRoss Markey

    Jan 8, 2022

    Despite recently voicing his disapproval regarding a potential headlining bout on his current contract and terms, UFC bantamweight challenger, Sean O’Malley has defended the UFC and its president, Dana White, amid its high-profile issue with fair compensation, claiming that fighters under the promotion’s banner have “zero following” to warrant a pay increase.

    O’Malley, who is currently sat as the #12 ranked contender in the official bantamweight pile, is in the midst of a three-fight winning run, reentering the rankings back in December courtesy of a one-sided UFC 269 knockout win over Raulian Paiva.

    Off the back of the victory, O’Malley was questioned if he would accept a proposed main event slot next in a high-profile matchup, however, shut down that idea, suggesting he would need to land a more lucrative contract to fight in a headlining slot first.

    I don’t want a f*cking five round fight,” O’Malley said on the Full Send Podcast. “They’re (the UFC) gonna give me like, $20,000 extra to go fight, basically another fight, 10 minutes, I’m like, ‘I’m not gonna f*cking do that.

    When I’m champ, yeah,” O’Malley explained. “There comes a point, you can’t say no to the UFC, you know what I mean? I’d rather not fight five rounds unless you wanna pay me a f*cking lot more money. You know how much more training goes (into preparing for a five round fight). That was like, a 10-week camp (for UFC 269) for 15 minutes. That’s a hard camp. I think, though, with the level of cardio I was in, I could have gone five rounds, just because when you’re in there, you’re not gonna give up, you’re not gonna fall, you’re gonna fight. But five rounds, that’s a lot. That’s 25 minutes of f*cking fist-fighting. I’d like to be paid, if I’m gonna do that, paid equally. That’s a long time to f*cking fight, dude.

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    Over the last year or so, the issue of fair fighter pay and compensation in the UFC has been at the forefront of the sport, with many pointing to the massive gap in revenue generated by fighters under the promotion’s banner, and the actual percentage of revenue they received opposed to the promotion.

    O’Malley, however, has claimed that given the fact some fighters under the promotion’s scrutiny have “zero following” – it would then translate to how much revenue they should receive.

    “Dude, like I don’t even blame (Dana White),” Sean O’Malley said on his podcast. “It’s like some of these f*cking people have zero following. They’re not making the UFC one hundred thousand (dollars). I mean they’re not making the UFC fifty thousand (dollars). They’re not making the UFC any money, really. But, that’s just from a business perspective. From Dana’s (White) business perspective – and I can see that (perspective).” 

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    Last summer, UFC leader, White encouraged those who sought to secure fighters a larger percentage of revenue, or criticised the payment structure of the organization, to go and make their own promotion.

    “Listen, if you don’t like it, go start your own MMA league and pay ‘em whatever you want to pay ‘em,” Dana White said. “This is mine and this is the way we’re doing it.”