Update – Italian DJ Files Charges Against Conor McGregor Amid Alleged Assault In Rome

Italian DJ and television personality, Francesco Facchinetti has reportedly filed charges against former undisputed UFC lightweight and featherweight champion, ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor following an alleged assault at the St. Regis hotel in Rome, Italy last weekend.

Facchinetti, a musician and television personality in his native Italy, alleged last weekend during an Instagram Live stream that he and his wife, Wilma Faissol had been partying with McGregor and his fiancée for multiple hours before alledging McGregor punched him in the nose and mouth in an unprovoked attack, resulting in a broken nose.

According to an initial report from CNN, the Carabinieri Police force in Mariano Comasco confirmed that Facchinetti and his attorney had officially filed charges against the Crumlin native in relation to the alleged assault last weekend.

Facchinetti claimed that McGregor had invited him to another party later that night, before assaulting him with punches to his face when Facchinneti and his group intended to leave the event.

Facchinetti’s wife, the aforenoted, Faissol claimed that her husband had fallen backwards following the initial series of punches, before members of McGregor’s entourage restrained him and held him against a wall as he attempted to continue the alleged assault.

Facchinetti spoke with CNN, where he described McGregor as “dangerous” and claimed the 33-year-old “needs to be stopped“.

The 41-year-old Milan-born musician alleged that he suffered a concussion as a result of the alleged assault from McGregor, leading him to eventually press charges against the Dubliner after consulting Faissol and friends of his.

Facchinetti further explained how he hopes security and CCTV footage of the incident obtained by the St. Regis hotel in Rome would further back up his allegations against McGregor.

Immediately following the allegations, a spokesperson for the St. Regis hotel insisted they would support police and law enforcement if they wished to carry out an investigation in relation to the alleged assault.

We will offer the police our full support in their investigation,” The statement read. “The safety and security of our guests and employees is always our first priority.

At the time of publication, McGregor nor his publicist have formally addressed the allegations made by Facchinetti.


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