Usman on breaking Covington’s jaw being “probably” one of the favorite moments in his career.

Earlier this week, Kamaru Usman appeared on ‘First We Feast’ to take on a challenge, outside of the octagon. It involves eating 10 chicken wings, as the hot sauces on them get progressively hotter. The UFC welterweight champion went the distance, while taking time to answer some questions too.

One of the most notable questions ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ was asked, was whether he has a favorite moment that stands out in his UFC career and means more to him than the rest. You can see the full video below:

“I would say one of my favourite [moments] was when this kid [Colby Covington] was jaw jacking too much,” Usman said.

“Talking all this trash. Saying that he was going to ‘do this’. He was going to ‘leave me on a stretcher’. You know, ‘I’m Donald Trump’s favorite fighter’. ‘I’m this and that’. All of the above. Brought in religion, talked about my family, my former manager, my current manager. He just did everything possible. Then to go in there and actually physically break his jaw, then knock his ass out, was probably one of my favorite [moments].”

Dana White recently stated that a Colby Covington rematch is next on Kamaru Usman’s plate. However, no official announcement has been made. Covington has gone on record to say that no matter what, he will only fight for a world title next.


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