Garbrandt questions Dillashaw’s abilities without “having a needle shoved up his ass.”

Back in November 2017, Cody Garbrandt lost his first professional MMA fight, along with his bantamweight title. He did so to his former teammate, TJ Dillashsaw and was later defeated a second time by Dillashaw via KO.

However, after Dillashaw’s last bout in 2019, he was suspended for failing a drug test, due to EPO. Dillashaw confessed to his wrong doing, claiming that it was needed due to his severe weight cut down to the flyweight division. Subsequently, he faced a two year suspension.

Tonight, Cody Garbrandt faces fellow bantamweight contender, Rob Font in another UFC main event. Garbrandt has his eyes on more than one contender though, with Dillashaw set to make his return in July against Cory Sandhagen.

Speaking to Helen Yee, Garbrandt states that Dillashaw has something to prove, without the asterisk of a failed drug test looming over him:

“TJ has to go out there and prove to everybody that he can come in there and fight clean,” Garbrandt said. “And still be active and win against the top fighters without having a needle shoved up his ass.”

Despite the drama, Dillashaw is more confident than ever, stating that he will once again be the champion within a year. He also states that he is currently in the best shape of his life, and will have the chance to prove so on July 24th.

Vote below on whether you believe TJ Dillashaw gets his strap back:


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