Beneil Dariush and Ali Abdelaziz wish Tony Ferguson well after third consecutive loss.

Last night, it seemed that Tony Ferguson not only went up against Beneil Dariush, but the Dominance MMA team as a whole. This is Ali Abdelaziz’ management company, who looks after Beneil Dariush, Justin Gaethje and Khabib Nurmagomedov. All of which have an extensive history with ‘El Cucuy’.

The fight didn’t end how Ferguson wanted, who suffered his third straight defeat, after previously holding a 12 fight win streak in the lightweight division. Ferguson also looked to have potentially suffered more than just a loss, as viewers witnessed him visibly in pain while Dariush applied a heel hook, during the bout.

Speaking at the post fight press conference, Dariush discussed the events from his perspective:

“How do you not tap to that heel hook?” Dariush said. “His knee popped, and it popped loud. I saw his face change for a second, and then he went back to normal, and he started kicking me in the body. That upkick he hit me with? That was pretty good.”

When asked about the implication of the submission and impact it could have on Ferguson’s physical health, Dariush continued:

“I don’t even want to guess. I hope nothing happened to his knee. Because that’s where your ACL goes. When you go for a heel hook and it pops like that, your ACL could be gone. I know he’s a superhuman, but I don’t want that on anybody. I hope he’s fine,” Dariush said.

Ali Abdelaziz then wrote on Twitter that he is praying for Ferguson’s health, seemingly putting his side of the rivalry to bed:

Tony Ferguson’s future in the UFC is in doubt, but Beneil Dariush is on one of the biggest win streaks in the promotion and could find himself in line for a title shot.

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