Covington on Nick Diaz: “Everybody knows he’s coming back for a cash grab. He’s washed up.”

Nick Diaz spent years in MMA becoming one of the biggest names in the sport. Back in 2011, he extended his win streak to eleven fights with a win over fellow legend, BJ Penn. But since then, he has gone three fights without a win, and unfortunately has not fought since January 2015 due to a largely controversial suspension.

Rumors recently circulated of a return, when it was made known that Nick Diaz would be in attendance at UFC 261. Dana White confirmed the news at the post fight press conference, stating that Nick is looking for a fight and wanted to discuss a potential opponent.

Speaking to Submission Radio, Colby Covington was asked his thoughts on a potential Nick Diaz return to the division:

“Diaz being in attendance, big deal,” Covington told Submission Radio.

“I’m not going to believe he wants to fight until he gets locked in a cage again. Everybody knows he’s coming back for a cash grab. He’s washed up. So I don’t even know why we’re still talking about that guy anymore.”

Covington seems skeptical of a return, but Diaz’ management have come forward and confirmed that they’ll be narrowing down an opponent after Nate fights at UFC 262.

Who could he next for Nick Diaz? We could well find out on or around May 15th, after Nate Diaz faces Leon Edwards.


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