NiteTrain on fighting a Nurmagomedov: “I’m about to change their game.”

Standing at six feet tall, with a reach of 76 inches, Jared “NiteTrain” Gooden is making his return at UFC 260 on March 27th. He will be facing Abubakar Nurmagomedov, the cousin of former UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

NiteTrain made his UFC debut against UFC veteran Alan Jouban back in November 2020 at UFC 255. The then-25-year-olds debut was certainly one of the toughest we’ve seen, as this was Jouban’s 13th UFC fight to date, holding wins over the likes of Mike “Platinum” Perry and Belal “Remember the Name” Muhammad in that time.

Unfortunately for NiteTrain, he lost a narrow decision, but from this tough debut there are plenty of positives to take into his next UFC fight.

Gooden expects to see Khabib and other members of the American Kickboxing Academy in Akubakar’s corner on fight night, but he isn’t fazed by the occasion. In fact, he expects to dominate the Russian and promises a finish.

“These guys are going to come out, they’re going to try to wrestle […], they’re going to grab a leg and stay on for three rounds.”  

Gooden seems to have Nurmagomedov’s fighting style cracked, and believes this is an upper hand he has against the Russian.  

“They all fight the same. Nothing against them, they found a system that works for them and it works. […]. But I’m about to go out there and I’m about to change their whole game. I’m about to change the game, I’m going to shit down his game and I’m going to come out there unscathed.”   

Reflecting on his debut for the UFC going into his next fight, Gooden admits he did experience the ‘UFC Jitters’.  

Going forward however, Gooden says  

“I know I held back in the [Jouban] fight; I was worried about getting gassed. But now I know I can go the fifteen minutes, you’re about to see a whole different animal in UFC 260.”  

The 260 Card just missed out with allowing crowds back, as 261, taking place in Florida is welcoming fans back into the arena.  For many, this is exciting news, with fans eager to get back into those venues and see the fights unfold in-person, and not behind a TV screen.  

For Gooden however, he is one of the few fighters who appreciates the lack of crowds.   

Telling us why he prefers this, he said,  

“You can hear the shots better, and you can hear your opponent better. When you get a good shot on your opponent, and you hear that grunt, oh that’s one of the best things ever!”  

As well as fighting for the UFC, Gooden is also a big fan of watching the other contenders fight. Currently, he doesn’t have his eye on anyone in the division other than the champion. Right now, that is Kamaru Usman, and he has what Gooden wants: UFC gold.  

Gooden has a variety of goals this year, the most important being he would love to fight four more times, giving him a total of five fights.   

Adding to that, he said   

“I like to stay active; I love to fight; I love to stack cash. I’m hungry!” 

NiteTrain has an exciting journey ahead of him, he’s got his course set and there’s nothing stopping him, so jump on board. It seems appropriate to use his catchphrase – ChooChoo MothaFucka!  

Keep an eye on Jared “NiteTrain” Gooden and catch him on the ESPN prelims at UFC 260, which kicks off on 27th March.


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