Davey Grant on Sean O’Malley’s hype: “I think he’s still yet to live up to it.”

There aren’t many tougher places to rise through the ranks than the UFC. But every now and then, fighters captivate their audience and go from the relatively unknown to sensations within a matter of months.

Sean O’Malley was potentially on the cusp of doing the same. With millions of followers across his platforms such as Instagram and Twitch and also his own podcast, it’s safe to say the 26 year old has gotten fight fans’ attention.

Unfortunately for ‘Suga’, his star power hit a speed bump, when he suffered the first loss of his professional career against Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera. One man who knows plenty about ‘Chito’ is his former opponent, Davey Grant, who is fresh off the back of a performance of the night KO, and questions whether O’Malley’s hype is justified.

In an interview with Current MMA, Davey Grant discusses his feelings towards seeing a young fighter rise into the rankings so quickly.

“I mean good luck to him. It’s hard to get up in this fight game. Whatever happens for everyone else, I don’t go and judge my own career by it. The quicker you get up the better. So it’s not as if I’m jealous or pissed off. It’s just each to their own and I never really want to hold anyone back. He got a lot of hype and let’s see. We’ll see if it’s justified. I think he’s still yet to live up to it, to be honest.”


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