McGregor’s Head Coach: Conor may go to Boxing if he doesn’t receive immediate rematch

This past weekend, Dustin Poirier handed Conor McGregor the first TKO loss of his professional MMA career. Before so, McGregor stated that a boxing bout against Manny Pacquiao was just about a done deal.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani of ESPN, Conor McGregor’s long time head coach, John Kavanagh discussed what could potentially be next in the Irishman’s career.

“He wants a busy 2021.” Kavanagh said. “So I hope we can get the rematch. That would be ideal. If it’s not that then I’m not sure what it would be. Whether it’s a different MMA fight or a boxing fight, I’m not too sure if that.”

“What does he want to do next? Ariel Helwani later asked McGregor’s head coach.

“Well, you know.” Kavanagh said. He’s already harassing everybody to get the rematch. We would love to rematch. I don’t think Dustin is against that. Yeah, if we could get the rematch before the summer that would be amazing. If it’s not to be, I guess I don’t really know. Maybe he drifts off into the boxing side. If the MMA community could help me out here and get behind me and pester the UFC to give him another fight sooner rather than later, so I don’t kinda lose him for 6 months to boxing. I’d appreciate that.”

Coach Kavanagh then confirmed that his comments were in relation to Dustin Poirier, stating that they gave him a rematch, so they hope he returns the sentiment.


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