Tony Ferguson says Charles Oliveira was “mentally broken” in round 1

Last weekend, Tony Ferguson looked to snatch the seven fight win streak of Charles Oliveira at UFC 256. Unfortunately for ‘El Cucuy’, he lost a 30-26 decision on all judges scorecards.

Ferguson has now appeared on Instagram Live to break down his fight with Oliveira, as well as address John McCarthy’s comments that he will be cut by the UFC. You can see the video below.

“We’re not gonna waste any energy here, and you guys shouldn’t either in jiu-jitsu matches,” Ferguson said. “Just be patient and wait for the opportunity for him to advance and get so lazy that in the third round he doesn’t even advance to mount anymore. What he does is he stays controlled into side position looking for something completely different, a different move because he was mentally broken in the first round.”

Ferguson also addressed John McCarthy, who stated he believes Tony Ferguson could be cut from the UFC roster.

“No I’m not f****** getting cut.”


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