Tony Ferguson: “The only thing dominant was a one sided commentary.”

Last weekend, Tony Ferguson lost a unanimous decision to Charles Oliveira. This is the first time that ‘El Cucuy’ has lost back to back fights in his UFC career. Making him 0-2 in 2020, and he has not won a round across either fight.

After the fight, Dana White stated that he believes it’s possible Tony Ferguson’s best days are behind him. However, Ferguson disagreed, responding to Dana White that he shouldn’t count on it.

Ferguson has now responded to footage of him and Oliveira embracing each other after the fight, stating that he respects ‘Do Bronx’, but the only thing about the fight that was one sided was the commentary.

Daniel Cormier stated on the DC & Helwani show that he and Ferguson had an argument at the fighter meeting. Also in the commentary booth was Joe Rogan, who is good friends with Ferguson’s ex-coach, Eddie Bravo, who was no longer in his corner Saturday night.

The bout was scored 30-26 in favor of Oliveira.


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