Max Holloway on his last fight: “80-90% of the world thinks I won.”

In December 2019, Max Holloway lost his Featherweight title to Alexander Volkanovski. Then in July 2020, he was beaten for the second time by the current Champion.

Although Holloway lost the fight, most fans believed that he was “robbed” in the decision, and the decision itself became the main talking point of the fight. In an interview with Brett Okamoto of ESPN, Holloway discussed the fight and another potential rematch with the Champion.

“Dana White doesn’t call me up after the fight and say, hey kid, do you think you won the fight?” Holloway told ESPN. “That just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter what I think. But the UFC, you guys, the world, they can see 80-90% of the world thinks I won.”

“If it was Kobe and Michael, they would play 10 times, just to let people know who the best is. That’s the mentality I strive for. If you want to run it back 100 times, we can do it. I’m gonna show you I’m the better guy. I don’t know what kind of mentality [Volkanovski] has, but I know what I want to do and what kind of legacy I want to leave.”

“This guy is sitting at a place that’s not right with me. I don’t feel like it’s right. Are we gonna fight again? It’s up to him. If I had it my way, I’ll fight you 10 times in one night, 10 times once a month. I’m a competitor. I need to compete. I truly believe I was put on this earth to fight and compete.”

Max Holloway faces Calvin Kattar next month, in the first UFC event of 2021. Volkanovski does not currently have a title defense lined up.


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