UFC.com places Conor McGregor as P4P and Lightweight #1

Despite Conor McGregor’s last Lightweight bout being a loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov back in 2018, UFC.com has now places him as the #1 contender. As well as that, they’ve placed him at the top of the P4P rankings.

Although the below images are taken just moments ago from UFC.com, its likely that this won’t stand, and it’ll soon be amended. The official rankings update has not been submitted by the panel yet. This also isn’t the first time that McGregor has been temporarily placed at the top of the list, before being removed again.

Conor is yet to comment on the update, but his team at Mac Life have posted content about the situation.

‘Notorious’ returns to the Lightweight division on January 23rd when he faces Dustin Poirier for the second time.

UPDATE – the website has now updated to the original rankings. It is currently unclear why this happened for a brief period of time.


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