When Dana White first seen Kevin Holland fight on the contender series, he decided not to give him a contract. Then when Thiago Santos needed a last minute opponent, White told his team to “call big mouth” and see if he wanted the fight.

Holland stepped in and although he lost to the former title challenger, he gained everyone’s respect, including the UFC President’s.

Since then, Holland has become known for his trash talk during fights, which is something his opponents have come to expect.

At the UFC 256 media day, his upcoming opponent, Jacare Souza was asked whether he’d prepared himself for such event.

“You’re facing Kevin Holland, one thing that he’s known for is trash talking in the cage.” The reporter said. “Are you doing anything to prepare yourself for him jacking at you while you’re fighting?

“I have no problem with the trash talk when the octagon closes,” Jacare answered. “He can talk trash, but if he does talk trash, I’m going to break his arm and he’s probably going to [scream].

The two face each other on the UFC 256 main card, tomorrow night.


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