Ferguson goes off on reporter regarding Chandler: “Get your f****** facts straight.”

There was previously back and forth between Tony Ferguson and Michael Chandler, who both asked to fight each other. This never materialized, as Chandler wanted to wait until January, so Ferguson went ahead and signed to fight Charles Oliveira this weekend.

At the UFC 256 media day, Danny Segura asked Ferguson about the situation, stating that Ferguson didn’t want to fight Chandler, which angered the Lightweight contender.

“We heard that previously, the UFC was trying to book you with Michael Chandler and Chandler seemed to be interested in the fight,” Segura said. “You didn’t want to fight him, you accepted a fight with Oliveira.”

“Woah, woah, motherf***** check this out.” Ferguson interrupted.

“UFC said that Chandler had a fight and Chandler said that he didn’t have a fight. Somewhere along the lines, somebody was f****** lying. I’m sitting here, telling you, get your f****** facts straight.”

“Oliveira is the only game opponent that wanted to fight.”


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