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Rizin boss interested in Anderson Silva’s “Final chapter in Japan.”

Since Anderson Silva was released from his UFC contract, multiple organizations released a statement, rejecting the opportunity to sign the former Middleweight Champion. You can read about that HERE.

It seemed like it could be curtains for the Brazilian, who recently discussed wanting to continue his passion and compete further in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Fortunately, it seems like one promotion could he interested in letting him do so.

Rizin is a Japanese MMA organization created in 2015 by the former Pride and Dream president Nobuyuki Sakakibara. He has now released a statement on possibly welcoming ‘The Spider’ to the promotion.

“I have great memories with Anderson Silva from the PRIDE days and in my personal opinion I think his career took off in Japan,” Sakakibara said in a statement that was also released to several MMA news outlets. “I have heard that Japan has a special part in his heart as well.

“I do feel that I would like to help him fulfill his wishes out of respect for what he as accomplished and what he has done for our sport. I haven’t talked to him yet but I would be interested to see if we can come up with something that makes sense for him to start his final chapter in Japan.”


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