Jordan Wright fights Joaquin Buckley tonight at UFC 255. Wright has an impressive record of 11 wins and 0 losses. Buckley himself has a record of 11 wins and 3 defeats, coming off of that viral KO that we’ve all seen by now.

Not only does Wright have an undefeated record, but he also has a 100% finish rate, with the majority of his wins coming in the first round. However, digging into the record deeper, it’s worth noting the credentials of his opponents to date.

Of his first six professional opponents, they have a combined record of 0-47. One of those opponents has a record of 0-22, who Wright beat in just 10 seconds. He has also faced the same opponent twice, and only in his last three fights has he faced opponents with winning records.

Wright has had one fight in the UFC so far. Unfortunately, the bout was stopped quite early by the doctor, who was concerned about his opponents cut. Declaring Wright as the winner due to doctor stoppage.

This doesn’t mean that Jordan Wright is a bad fighter or has done anything untoward, but it does mean that he is in for a serious test tonight, when he faces Joaquin Buckley.

The two will face on the UFC 255 prelims.


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