Ferguson responds to Chandler turning down December bout: “Accept or we move on.”

Michael Chandler was vocal that he’d like Tony Ferguson to be his first UFC opponent. After it was announced that Dustin Poirier has signed his bout agreement to face Conor McGregor, Chandler asked Ferguson to sign a contract to fight him.

Ferguson broke his silence a few days ago, saying that Chandler asked for it and he’s going to give him it. He asked Chandler to face him in December, which would most likely be at UFC 256.

However, Chandler has now responded and told ESPN that there is 0% chance he faces Ferguson this year.

“There is a 0% chance I’ll fight Tony Ferguson in December,” Chandler told ESPN on Tuesday. “And I 100% know he knew that, because the UFC already told him that, and I’ve already said I’ll see him in January.”

Chandler is hoping to be the co main event of UFC 257, which will be headlined by McGregor and Poirier.

Ferguson has now responded and he isn’t happy with the former Bellator champion.

“UFC has said you have already accepted another fight ese! So Michael Chandler stop crying to ESPN MMA about fighting me. You want to compete against me I’ll be in Vegas Dec 12. Accept or we move on.”

Chandler isn’t engaging much, but has responded with a clear and simple message:

The clock is ticking, so we expect a bout agreement will need to be in place in the next couple of weeks, or this fight may not happen anytime soon.


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