Alhassan posts heartfelt message after 30 second KO loss at UFC Vegas 14

This past weekend at UFC Vegas 14, Abdul Razak Alhassan faced up and comer, Khaos Williams. It was the Co Main event, and a fight that fans believed was guaranteed fireworks. Both fighters had both of their wins coming by way of knockout, and many of them in the first round.

Alhassan was knocked out in 30 seconds, meaning Khaos’ UFC career has lasted just 57 seconds so far. In a lengthy, heartfelt Instagram post, Alhassan has opened up on his feelings after the bout.

“Ahh I can’t even start to describe what kind of pain and disappointment I’m going through right now.” Alhassan says.

“Past couple of years I went through some of the worst and scariest experience in my life. I feel like I lost part of me during that time. I did my best to brush it off but now I can see I lost so much during that period and I lost myself. Through this trauma I think I lost some part of me and motivation or faith in things and humanity. But I guess I should look at this lost as the beginning and a lesson not the end. My past 2 fights have been my worst experience ever! I wanted to show my skills and new tools so bad but I didn’t get to and got caught. Everything happens for a reason. To all my true fans and friends out there I promise to find myself again and I will do whatever it takes. I want the world to know that I’m not done yet and I have so much to prove and so much noise to make. I’m so ashamed and sad but I can’t rewind time. All I can do is move forward and make sure the same mistake doesn’t happen again. And thank you for the ones who care enough to reach out to me. Thank you! May Allah bless the true ones.”

Alhassan was found not guilty of sexual assault earlier this year. This was the first knockout loss of his career, leaving him on back to back losses for the first time in his career also. Khaos Williams on the other hand has extended his win streak to eight.


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