Khabib Nurmagomedov is still in the USADA testing pool

Last month, Khabib Nurmagomedov extended his record to 29-0, by submitting Justin Gaethje. After the fight, he announced that he was retiring, and that he no longer wanted to fight since his father passed away.

USADA are in charge of testing all of the UFC’s athletes for performance enhancing drugs. Once you’re out of the USADA testing pool, it takes 6 months of clean testing to get back in. This means a fighter won’t opt out, unless they’re truly done fighting. Michael Bisping for example said that he purposely took himself out of the USADA testing pool, because he knew if he was eligible to fight, he could be convinced to step in and go one more time.

A few hours ago, Khabib posted to Instagram, with a caption that he’d once again been tested by USADA.

“This is 47 times since 2015 I have been tested by USADA for doping. Just think about this number.”

His manager, Ali Abdelaziz also recently posted “30-0” on twitter.

30 wins and 0 losses was always Khabib and his fathers plan, so it’s possible we might see ‘The Eagle’ one more time.


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