Paul Felder on Conor McGregor: “Go blow some lines”

Paul Felder has been the talk of the week among the MMA community. When Islam Makhachev pulled out of his main event bout against former Champion, Rafael Dos Anjos, Paul Felder stepped in on five days notice. Originally scheduled to be commentating the fight, Felder was fortunately in great shape when he got the call, as he’s been training for a triathlon.

There’s not many Lightweights that haven’t had some sort of confrontation with Conor McGregor, and Paul Felder is no different. Back in February, a user questioned on Twitter whether Felder would still call himself ‘The Irish Dragon’ if he faced McGregor.

“Why the f*** wouldn’t I” replied Felder.

Conor McGregor then added that Felder is a German-English name. Screenshots below, courtesy of Heavy.

‘The Notorious’ recently alluded to this once more, tweeting out two German surnames, followed by Felder’s.

Both tweets have since been deleted by McGregor.

At the UFC Vegas 14 media scrum, Felder was asked by a reporter about Conor’s tweets and if he’d seen the latest one which was deleted.

“You mentioned when Conor said f*** you to you when you were cageside, and that’s a moment that stands out to you.” The reporter opened with.

“I don’t know if you noticed, I think it was on Tuesday he [McGregor] tweeted something with your name, he mentioned two German surnames and then your name after. I don’t know if you saw that.” She continued.

“If he wants to talk about my name, which is German.” Felder replied. “Let’s talk about his Scottish name and how he’s Scottish then. So shut the f*** up… Go blow some lines”.

Felder did go on to say that despite personal issues, he believes McGregor is extremely skillful, and these are the fights that he wants to earn with a win this weekend.


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