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Gilbert Burns calls out Nate Diaz for $400K grappling match

Gilbert Burns was supposed to be fighting for the UFC Welterweight title in December, against Kamaru Usman. However, Usman needed more time after his bout with Jorge Masvidal, and is looking at a date in March.

Last month, Nate Diaz posted a video of Gilbert Burns being knocked out by fellow UFC contender, Dan Hooker. The video didn’t have a caption, so it was unclear what message Nate was sending and why he suddenly directed his attention to Burns. You can see the video below.

Now, Burns has called Diaz out, in the hopes of staying active before his title shot. The callout is for a grappling match with Submission Underground, which is an organisation aired on UFC Fight Pass, known for pitting UFC fighters together. Burns offered that they each put $200K in and the winner takes all. The message was also accompanied with two pictures of Diaz taking damage from RDA and Josh Thompson, fights that he lost. You can view the tweet below.

Nate Diaz has not fought since he faced Jorge Masvidal for the ‘BMF’ belt and lost, roughly one year ago. Although Nate Diaz is well known for his boxing, he is also renowned for his grappling pedigree. Cesar Gracie trained and managed Nate for years, and the Gracies are pioneers of the sport, famous for bringing BJJ to the UFC. 55% of Nate’s MMA wins have come via Submission, more than any other method on his record.

Nate Diaz is yet to respond, and it’s likely that he’ll never bother. But this could materialise into something more in the future.


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