Michael Chandler was signed to the UFC, and his first order of business was to be first reserve for Khabib Nurmagomedov v Justin Gaethje. The Championship bout went ahead as planned, which meant Chandler had to watch like the rest of us. This means he is yet to make his UFC debut, but after being seemingly in the mix for a title shot, he’s adamant his first opponent will be in the top 5 of the division.

In a great piece by MMA on Point, Michael Chandler discusses the top 10 UFC Lightweights, as well as how he’d match up against them. McGregor was his number 2 choice, behind Justin Gaethje. He put Conor up there for business reasons, and says it’s a fight he’s long visualised.

“Standing across the cage from Conor McGregor is something I’ve visualised now the last 6 or 8 years. He’d have to kill me to get me out of that cage.” Chandler says.

“Almost got my knee broken in half, almost been choked out completely in fights, I just don’t tap. Id rather let my leg snap or go out unconscious than give up on myself infront of millions of people. That plays perfectly into my hand with a guy like Conor McGregor. There comes a moment in that fight where he either chooses to fight through something or give up, and he always does, he always taps.”

However, Chandler believes it makes sense that he faces Tony Ferguson first. With McGregor and Poirier booked up, Khabib most likely retired and Gaethje maybe needing time out after so recently being put to sleep. He feels that debuting against Ferguson will be the perfect way to introduce the world to Michael Chandler. Most recently, we seen him call Ferguson out after McGregor v Poirier 2 was reported a done deal:


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