Paulo Costa says that a fight with Robert Whittaker is very close

After losing his first UFC title fight, Paulo Costa has been very vocal. He has claimed that he had issues going into the fight with Israel Adesanya and demanded a rematch. But now, his attention has turned to number one contender, Robert Whittaker.

Costa spoke to fans on his YouTube channel. He addressed why he didn’t use more jiu jitsu in his fight with Adesanya, stating that it was because of a leg injury. But when asked about what’s next, he seemed confident that a fight with Robert Whittaker was coming together.

“Starting in December, I could fight. It depends on whom. I want to fight Whittaker and this fight is very close to happening. Very close. Very close to fighting Whittaker” said Costa.

“This fight with Whittaker is well underway. It will happen. I am sure it will happen. It’s in the details, needing a few things.”

Whittaker, like Costa has lost to Adesanya. The Australian has gone on to earn back to back victories and get himself back into prime position for a title shot. However, Dana White claimed that Whittaker didn’t want the bout with Adesanya, so the UFC has moved on.

It’ll be interesting to see if there is truth to what Costa has said. This would be a huge fight for number one contender status.

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