Covington calls out Diaz, Masvidal, Usman and Lebron James

Last night, former UFC Welterweight Interim Champion, Colby Covington, defeated Tyron Woodley by 5th round TKO.

If there’s one thing you can give Covington credit for, it’s his confidence. He has become somewhat of a heel in the past couple of years, and with tensions around the world running high regarding politics and current events, he is looking to capitalise.

Not only did Covington discuss future opponents within the Welterweight Division, he also called out Lebron James multiple times, describing the NBA star as a “spineless coward”. This came off the back of many athletes, including Lebron being very vocal about issues around the world and being seen as icons to the black community and advocates of the BLM movement. Covington stated that first responders are the heroes, not athletes.

On a more serious note, Covington then went on to discuss potential matchups among his division. He first stated that there was two fights on his mind, Jorge “Street Judas” Masvidal and Kamuru “Fake Newsman” Usman.

He described the Masvidal bout as a “best friends, turn enemies” storyline, as the two were previously very close and trained together at ATT, until Covington became more of a controversial character and was eventually kicked out of their gym and forced to train elsewhere.

The Usman fight is one that was no secret, as Colby has already previously lost to him in a classic bout, which Covington has wanted to run back ever since. The two went back and forth on ESPN after the bout, and Covington stated that he was coming for Usman, among other things…

He was also asked about the return of Nick Diaz, and asked if he’d entertain the bout. “I’d love to retire Nick Diaz” Colby replied in typical fashion.

Usman and Masvidal are currently in deep talks for their next opponents, and a Nick Diaz comeback is still an uncertainty, so it’s unclear who will be Covington’s next opponent.

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