Croom: “I had $64 in my bank account”

Last weekend, Kevin Croom accepted a short notice fight, to make his long awaited UFC debut.

On that card, he was the biggest betting underdog of any other fighter that night.

After 33 professional fights, he finally had his shot at the big time, facing Roosevelt Roberts, a man who already had 6 UFC fights to his name.

Croom didn’t waste any time, submitting his opponent in just 31 seconds. And looking in complete disbelief afterwards.

Not only did Croom win the bout, but he also earned himself a Performance of the Night bonus from UFC President, Dana White. Earning himself an extra $50,000.

Shortly after, he tweeted that before the fight, he “had $64” in his bank account. UFC President, Dana White then responded that “Big risks, get big rewards”.

What a story and life changing week for the 33 year old!


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